Current Exhibition

Futurefarmers: Arrange

October 4, 2017 - Feb 4, 2018

Phase 1 Live Archive installation at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA 2013 (installation photo by Johnna Arnold)


Futurefarmers: Arrange

An Exhibition of Selected Projects
from 23 Years of Work

October 4, 2017 - Feb 4, 2018

Hunter East Harlem Gallery is pleased to present a performative exhibition of an arranged selection of past projects from the collective, Futurefarmers. 

The exhibition highlights specific projects from the past 23 years of Futurefarmers' work, attempting to place the group into the canon of interdisciplinary and socially-engaged practitioners. Comprised of live and durational performance, the show is a retrospective look at the collective. The exhibition title references an inherent resistance to the typical retrospective exhibition model, as well as the collective’s interest in arrangement, organization, and non-hierarchical cataloguing structures. Arrange highlights key thematic threads within the collective’s practice, thrusting a viewer into the world of Futurefarmers, a complex melding art, science, design and environmental concerns. A viewer is guided through the exhibition by Messengers and art objects act as props to the stories, interpretations, and phantoms of Futurefarmers’ past. The exhibition can be understood as an experience that grasps the temporal and interstitial moments of dialogue, conversation, performance, and collaboration - processes deeply rooted in the work of Futurefarmers. 

Futurefarmers is a group of artists and designers whose work is an intermingling of design, art, ecology and human systems created through projects that utilize collectivity, dialogue, play, and making. Founded in 1994, the collective started as a design studio and slowly moved into projects that involved robotics, gardening, and civic structures. Futurefarmers has hosted an Artist in Residence program since its inception, making up today’s geographic dispersion of Futurefarmers artists and collaborators. For the past 23 years, the group has collaborated with hundreds of specialists in various fields, exhibited at dozens of cultural institutions, and created ideologies that aim for an improved social existence. An exciting and unconventional approach to a survey show, Futurefarmers: Arrange favors experimentation and collective work over discrete objects, ecosystems over rigidity.

Organized by Arden Sherman, Curator, Hunter East Harlem Gallery; Gund Curatorial Fellows Marie Coneys and Kristen Racaniello; and Hunter College Advanced Curatorial Certificate MA and MFA students.

Futurefarmers: Arrange is made possible by the generous support of the office of the President at Hunter College; the David Bershad Family Foundation; the Susan V. Bershad Charitable Fund, Inc.; Arthur and Carol Kaufman Goldberg; and Agnes Gund in support of the Curatorial Certificate Program. This exhibition was developed in part over a semester curatorial seminar led by Arden Sherman and Paul Ramirez-Jonas.