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Artnet, 2018
Editors’ Picks: 12 Things to See in New York This Week

Artnews, 2018
Pictures of an Exhibition: "QUEENIE"

Blouin Art Info, 2018
Article: "QUEENIE"

The New Yorker, 2018
Goings On About Town - June 4 & 11, 2018 Issue

The New York Times, 2018
‘Queenie’ Shows the Force of Latin Women in Art

Sculpture Magazine, 2018
January/February 2018


Hyperallergic, 2017
An Artist Invites Visitors to Remake Historical Protest Signs

Travel Mag, 2017
Like a Local: Top 10 Art Galleries in Harlem


Untapped Cities, 2016
Spots, Dots, Pips, Tiles

Juvenile Justice, 2016
New York Art Exhibit Hopes to Spark Conversation on Female Incarceration

Untapped Cities, 2016
Visions of Confinement at Hunter East Harlem Gallery Explores Female Imprisonment in America

Architectural Record, 2016
Affordable Housing in New York: The People, Places, and Policies that Transformed a City

City Lab, 2016
The Long, Complicated History of Affordable Housing in New York

City Limits, 2016
What Will a Larger Private-Sector Role Mean for Public Housing?

A Daily Dose of Architecture, 2016
Affordable Housing in New York: The People, Places, and Policies That Transformed a City

Fast Company, 2016
An Honest Look at Affordable Housing in NYC

Gotham Gazette, 2016
Rebuilding NYCHA: A Fresh Look

Hyperallergic, 2016
The Saga of Affordable Housing, from the Historical to the Personal

New York Times, 2016
An Affordable Place of One’s Own

Next City, 2016
Researchers Unearth 100-Year-Old Affordable Housing Solution

Slate, 2016
The People Who Call New York’s Affordable Housing Developments Home

Untapped Cities, 2016
Inside the Exhibit Affordable New York: A Housing Legacy at Museum of the City of New York

PIPA, 2016
“Spots, Dots, Pips, Tiles” Presents the Game of Domino in Art

Urban Omnibus, 2016
Affordable Housing Appraised: A Review

Van Alen Institute, 2016
What We Can Learn from 100 Years of Affordable Housing in New York City

Washington Post, 2016
How Donald Trump abandoned his father’s middle-class housing empire for luxury building


Blouin Art, 2015
High Contrast: Art and Community in East Harlem

New York Times, 2015
10 Galleries to Visit on the Upper East Side

Untapped Cities, 2015
Over 50 Years of Photos of Harlem’s El Barrio By Hiram Maristany on Display at Hunter College Art Galleries

CENTRO Voices, 2015
Hiram Maristany’s Anchor Exhibit: Securing the Past, Present and Future of El Barrio

This Week’s Must-see Art Events: Seeing and (Not) Hearing

Machetes y Miel, 2015
Anchor: An exhibition centered on the photography of Hiram Maristany

BOMB Magazine, 2015
Caroline Woolard

NY Observer, 2015
Digital Art: One Woman’s Hard-Wired Solution to Harlem Gentrification

The Fader, 2015
This Non-Profit is Giving East Harlem Teens Free Classes in Digital Art This Summer

DIY Art School Livestream Panel, 2015
DIY Art School: How Technology and Social Practice are Changing Education

NY ArtBeat, 2015
“POWRPLNT East Harlem: Digital Art Collaboratory + Indoor Garden” Exhibition

This Week’s Must-see Art Events: Bad Boys, Old Computers

Urban Areas, 2015
Free Digital Art Classes for Teens… Hunter East Harlem Gallery (Until 09/05/15)

Art in America, 2015
The Agenda: This Week in New York

New York Times 2015
‘If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?’ A Show Whose Subject is Death

Hyperallergic, 2015
Art that Acknowledges Death Without Showing the Body

Our Town, 2015
A Gallery Grows in Harlem


Huffington Post, 2014
Temporary ‘Trash’ Artworks Put Our Oceans’ Waste in Perspective

El Diario, 2014
Artista de Brooklyn transforma basura en arte

Colossal, 2014
Washed Up: Alejandro Duran’s Site-Specific Found Plastic and Trash Installations

Bored Panda, 2014
Artist Creates Art From Trash That Washed Up In Mexico From 50 Countries Around The World

Gizmodo, 2014
Artist’s Trash Exhibitions Depict A Planet Colonized By Plastic

Wired, 2014
Mexico’s Ugly Ocean Trash Transformed Into Treasure

Beautiful Bizarre, 2014
The Activism-Charged Instillations of Alejandro Durán


La Repuesta, 2013
NuYorican Art Takes The Spotlight at Centro

Mamboso, 2013
“nu-YO-Rican” Opens @ El Centro

“Spotlight Contributions of Nuyorican Artists Exhibition


New York Times, 2012
Peaks and Valleys on a Small Island

NY Daily News
Puerto Rico’s flag day